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Why am I not getting the Coins to open presents in the new Farms?

Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 189 Moderator

We received reports that players are not getting Caveman Coins after harvesting crops in Caveman Club. Don’t worry! This is not an issue in the game. You can get as much as 50 per day when harvesting any crop in Caveman Club ! We would also like to share that the timer resets at 5PM PST.

Additionally, the same applies for similar buildings from the following farms:
Holiday Lights
Emerald Valley
Oasis Gardens
Mediterranean Riviera
Fairytale Fields
Horseman's Hollow
Magical Toy Town
Avalon Wilderlands and Kingdom
Wild West Golden Trail
Treasure Tides
Savannah Safari
Phantom Valley
Alpine Jingle
Namaste India
Story of Sakura

Thank you.

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