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Missing animal

irishkathyirishkathy Captain ObviousRegistered User Posts: 20 Building Expert

I am going back and working on the quests from the Quest Book since I don't like the new format of the new farms. I am missing an animal I need to keep working. I think I have checked every single farm and can't find it. I wondered if someone from Zynga could locate it for me. The quest is "Kelly, the Flower Fairy"; I'm on pt. 2 and have lost the Flower Fox. Any help appreciated or I'll just skip this one., Thanks


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums
    edited June 2016

    the flower fox can go into any of these places on the farms:

    Jade Habitat,Wildlife Habitat,Savannah Wildlife Pen,Atlantis Wildlife,Jade Wildlife Pen,Australian Wildlife,Candy Wildlife,Glen Wildlife Cave,Mystical Wildlife,Magical Wildlife Cave,Island Habitat,Wildlife Cave,Avalon Wildlife Pen,Kingdom Wildlife Pen,Riviera Wildlife,Oasis Wildlife Pen,Emerald Wildlife,Jungle Wildlife Habitat,Treasure Wildlife Pen,FT Wildlife Pen,Hollow Wildlife Pen,Space Wildlife,Toy Wildlife Pen,Ranch Wildlife Pen,Winter Wildlife Habitat,India Wildlife Pen,Cave Wildlife Pen,Sakura Wildlife Pen,Phantom Wildlife Pen,Alpine Wildlife Pen

    maybe check any that you have ... of these places

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