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Official Guide: Walkthrough: Rockmore Granary

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Walkthrough: Rockmore Granary
  • Rockmore Granary is a building in the Caveman Club Farm, located off farm, in which you can open craftable presents to earn an Unwither Ring as the Final Prize.

  • Use Caveman Coins to open presents. The Coins are craftable and can be gained from crops.

Rockmore Granary Pop-Up

Rockmore Granary Buildable Stage

Rockmore Granary Tutorial 1

Rockmore Granary Tutorial 2

Rockmore Granary Tutorial 3

Rockmore Granary Tutorial 4

A look inside the Rockmore Granary

3 Types of Caveman Coins to craft in the Craft Shop

1. Caveman Coin

     5 Ooga La Fruit Bushel
     3 Ooga's Carrot Bushel
     3 Exotic Apple Bushel

2. 3 Caveman Coins

     4 Sunset Flower Bushel
     5 Cautleya Bushel
     4 Hidden Pumpkin Bushel

3. 5 Caveman Coins

     5 Water Bromerlia Bushel
     5 Sunset Flower Bushel
     4 Exotic Apple Bushel

A look at the presents you can open in the Rockmore Granary

  1. Tree of Secrets
  2. Organic Fertilizer
  3. Big Belly Tree
  4. Horned Cassowary
  5. Instagrow
  6. Tricera Tree
  7. Blue Loops Tree
  8. 3 Packs Turbo Charger
  9. Tree Storied
  10. Treasure Parts
  11. Bunny Owl
  12. 5 Packs Farmhands
  13. Giant Dragonfly
  14. 3 Packs Unwither
  15. Stone Arch
  16. Instagrow
  17. Owl Eyed Tiger
  18. 3 Packs Turbo Charger
  19. Wild Rosella Panda
  20. Treasure Parts
  21. Sleeping Turtle
  22. 3 Packs Unwither
  23. Untamed Sheep
  24. Treasure Parts
  25. Twisted Giraffe
  26. 3 Packs Turbo Charger
  27. Kingbra Cow
  28. Phony Elephant
  29. Red Fluttering Horse
  30. Unwither Ring Pack

Rockmore Granary Completion Popup

Rockmore Granary Completed Building Stage

Open all the presents to get your Rockmore Granary Unwither Ring! :) Farm on!

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