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Daily Delight

caklilaccaklilac PumpkinPosts: 17Registered User Building Expert

Daily Delight is losing the 1st checked spot- last wk and now this wk. anyone else have that problem ?

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  • caklilaccaklilac Pumpkin Posts: 17Registered User Building Expert

    Thanks Elaine. Glad it's working for you. The bubble over the gal on the side of the farm is never there on Monday, but I click and it gives me the check, but the last 2 wks it disappears so I miss out on the special animal. Oh well it's just a game. I at least get the instant grows :)

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Posts: 2,486Registered User Lord of the Forums

    the bubble is never over the little girl on the first day ... you have to check it to see if its live .... I sometimes forget .... once you have collected the first one ... you get the bubble over her ... as she is ready to harvest like the animals ...
    I think until you activate her by collecting the first item ... shes not ready

  • caklilaccaklilac Pumpkin Posts: 17Registered User Building Expert

    Thanks Peela, I haven't been doing anything different than usual. Guess I need to double check at the end of the day Monday to see if it still has the check mark.

  • cmlabreecmlabree Muffin Posts: 13Registered User Building Expert

    I claimed the first two for the current week and when I went to claim the third day, the first two that I claimed were missing.

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