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Suggestion for new farms

SilentBudhaSilentBudha DramachineRegistered User Posts: 63 Captain Obvious

There are about 30 farms in Farmville now. It impossible to visit all the farms – in fact I have not visited farms such as Australia, Atlantis, etc. in several months. So there are a lot of animals and trees that are languishing unharvested for a long time. To alleviate this issue, I propose new type of farms – Mega Farms as follows:

1) Mega Orchard – for all orchards, groves, greenhouse, herb garden, bonsai garden, blooms garden, seed generators, etc. IAW – everything plant related except for crop plots
2) Mega Ranch – for poultry, pets, livestock, cattle, horses (including calves, colts and foals) and
the associated animal pens (coops, pastures, paddocks, baby play pen, etc.) This will not include exotic animals such as Unicorns, Pegasus, etc. and their foals. Aviaries also will not be included
3) Bird Sanctuary - all birds and aviaries
4) Mega Zoo – all zoo and wild animals and their storage units
5) Fantasy Zoo – exotic animals such as Unicorns, Pegasus, dragons, dinosaurs, dream deer, dream nursery, extinct animals, etc. and their storage units

Mega Farm Characteristics:

 Each Mega farm will have its own transport unit and a harvester.
 If there are more than 20 units of any specific farm animal or tree/bloom, provide “Super” storage units. For example, if the Mega Orchard contains 20 Cherry Trees, allow the player to purchase a Super Cherry Orchard. (20 is an arbitrary number – this number can be set at the developer’s discretion).
 The player will travel back and forth from the Mega farms with the transport unit to the various farms, collecting the farm animals or tree/blooms and depositing on the appropriate Mega farms
 Will need storage units to transfer free range animals (animals not in shelters) , trees not in orchards, mystery bulbs, mystery babies (zoo, livestock, pet, etc.)
 Will need storage units to transport poultry (ducks, chicken, turkey, etc.) currently residing in aviaries
 Will need storage units to retain exotic unicorns, Pegasus and their foals, on their current farms, when paddocks and baby play pens are transported to the Mega Ranch


 The mechanism for moving items from farm to transport unit should be easy – please do not make users pick and move one item at time.
 Please sell the all the units required for transportation for farm coins or farm cash
 Players should be able to retain items in their original farms if they so choose.



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