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Official Guide: Walkthrough: Farm Bingo

Sun-Kissed CaribbeanaSun-Kissed Caribbeana Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 1,192 Moderator
edited June 2016 in Official Guides

Walkthrough: Farm Bingo
  • Duration of Bingo Cards: 7 days

  • Ask for Bingo Balls every 6 hours

Farm Bingo Board

Farm Bingo Icon

Farm Bingo How-to:

1. Collect Bingo Balls. You can ask your friends for Bingo Balls.
2. Play Bingo!
3. You can buy a number for 3 Farm Cash, buy specific number for 6 Farm Cash, or complete the card for 68 Farm Cash.
4. Keep playing!

Farm Bingo Rewards

  1. Rose Bud Ikebana
  2. Akabeko Cow
  3. Kendo Fox
  4. Path of Success x6
  5. Kirin Unicorn

Good luck! :smile:

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