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Why are my Izanagi quests not counting in the Gorudo Neko Mask Relic

jumperjackjumperjack Learning the RopesRegistered User Posts: 35 Building Expert

I have been trying to get the Gorudo Mask Relic and it keeps showing I need 1more item to complete, I have harvested the Judo Dojo 3 times which was inbetween quests, I have harvested 3-4 more animals than requested and still I have 1 to get.
Can this be fixed please, maybe I'm the only one up to this stage I don't know but it's not working properly.
I also find it unfair having to wait 30 days to get the Licence if you don't buy enough land titles, this would be an extra maybe $500FV in their pocket.


  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,299 Genius Genie
    edited May 2016

    Have you finished all the animals in the Shelter- not repeated some several times? For this relic they need to be unique I believe. So finishing off the dojo(not harvesting it), getting your unwither ring and clearing the remaining 6 animals should finish it for you. I didn't have any issues getting mine, but I did notice that although I made the rabbit twice, it wasn't until I did the final deer that I got the relic.

  • jumperjackjumperjack Learning the Ropes Registered User Posts: 35 Building Expert

    Hi darqlady,
    Thanks for your help :)
    I have completed all animals unique plus more, I have just completed another animal and the Gold star has finally come up. Cheers have a great day :) Now to wait the 26 days to get the licence lol

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