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Experimental Job

deloresvp1deloresvp1 Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 1 New to the Forums
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What is the experimental job and which type of this job Explain me Guys in this thread.. If you want to do more practical work with Psychology you will have to get a graduate degree as well as having a BS/BA in the subject. So you could major in Psychology, which is just general and part of your major requirements will be that you have to take upper level classes in all the topics in Psych (cognitive, social,clinical, experimental, developmental, neuron...) This helps you decide what you would want to specialize in.... you would be wanting to do Clinical Psych for your graduate degree is you want to be a Psychologist/therapist. You would either look at PhD. programs or there is a more practice doctorate which is a PsyD.
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