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LOOSING CASH >:/ selling stuff?

Sirkka AlénSirkka Alén Learning the RopesRegistered User Posts: 22 Building Expert
edited January 2016 in Feedback and Suggestions
HOW HARD it is to change ALL buying with cash so that first you would be asked 2"DO YOU WANNA USE THE CASH" though it would be "only" 1 cash????????????? I have tried to gather cash for dogs ( hardly never available with coins) and have several times lost accidentally 1 or more cash and that is the reason I VERY SELDOM use my own money to buy cash! IT you would change the game so that these accidental cash "buyings" would end I would buy cash more often! And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one - as I really don't have extra money for games and other stuff. THANK YOU!

++++ Could you make it possible to SELL straight from orchards/animal pens? I have played many years and have at Home (for example) many shelters for horses, cows etc. and orchards which are full of stuff I'd like to get rid off -= sell them! It is takes too much times & too many clicks to empty building one tree/one animal with 2-3 clicks.
Would be easier to sell straight from the shelter OR empty so that I could empty several items (same kind of) by just clicking on the farm ... Could this be done????

Also would love to get MANY comments, if you read this and agree, maybe THEN these things would happen!!! :)
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