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some ideas

katintnkatintn Forum TravellerRegistered User Posts: 42 Building Expert
edited November 2015 in Feedback and Suggestions
Seedling nursery... At the VERY LEAST allow to go back to gift box once a seedling has been placed in nursery like it is for the bloom gardens.... Its alot of clicking to place 30-40 seedlings in a nursery currently... Ideally would be nice if we had an amount option when clicking on nursery of how many we want to place.
:o Love the new format on craft houses as done for Phantom Valley... sooo much quicker to confirm what is needed to for crafting items... PLEASE PLEASE go back and do this for all craft houses.... WOULD BE GREAT.
Unwither... Please attempt to create something on the older farms for us to get unwither rings for them also without farm cash... I love my unwither rings... sooooo helpful.

thanks for listening....
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