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Fear The Walking Dead............

Farmer ClydeFarmer Clyde Grand PoohbahRegistered User Posts: 914 On Fire
edited May 2016 in Off Topic Discussion
What? Nobody gonna jump in on this??

As an OCD native, I'm going to find this an interesting show since TWD has already presented a realistic approach to "What If" something catastrophic actually happened to the world? What would happen and how would people react if there were NO governments. No entitlements and most of all, no help?

From what I understand, this series will involve the period of time which occurred between the time Rick Grimes entered his comatose state and when he finally woke up and everything had gone to shoot!

Unlike World War Z where the mayhem started in a 24 hour period, this stuff happens slowly, methodically, building momentum until everybody finally understands that its really happening!

Of course, it all culminates with the start of Season 6 the The Walking Dead which has taken some interesting twists so far.


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