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Facebook Games Feed

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Howdy Farmers!

Our Farmhands noticed that Facebook has changed how often posts from games like FarmVille appears on news feed and timeline. We know how vital posts are, so we looked for another way to check your friends posts.

We found out that Facebook created a separate news feed exclusive for games and it is called the 'Games Feed'. Facebook Games Feed displays all the posts from the games that you are playing. You can start to claim or help your neighbors on the Games Feed by visiting this link: click here or by following the guide below.

On the left side part of your Facebook Homepage, you should see the 'Apps' section. Under that is the list of all the games that you play. At the bottom part of it, you'll see 'Games Feed', just click it and you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook Games Feed.


Below is a sample screenshot that shows how the Games Feed should look like.

[IMG] Feed.jpg[/IMG]

Happy farming!

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