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Need a new mouse (computer, not rodent)

musicalchefmusicalchef Mazter GuardianRegistered User Posts: 410
edited May 2015 in Off Topic Discussion
Our mouse has been acting up for awhile, probably a combination of its advanced age and our two-year-old having got hold of it one too many times. I'm going to try opening it up and cleaning it again and see if that helps. But I think it's probably just time for a new one. It double clicks when it's supposed to single click, which has awful consequences for my farms. I play on my laptop and it has a touchpad, but it's not as sensitive as the one on my old laptop, so I much prefer using a mouse.

My question is, is a mouse something that "you get what you pay for," or can you get away with a cheaper one? Are there any brands that you recommend (that are not specific to US stores - I'm in Europe)? Please excuse my ignorance; I've never bought one before.

My husband wants to get a wireless mouse. I don't really think that's necessary since I always use the laptop at the table, and the mouse would never be used far from there.

Hi, musicalchef! Sounds like you really need to find a new mouse for your laptop. As friendly advice, you could check if the mouse is a corded USB, try it on a different computer, if it works, then plug the mouse into a different port on your laptop. If it is a wireless mouse, check the batteries, and try moving the USB receiver to another port and installing the drivers. You can control the laptop's mouse hardware through the Mouse Properties dialog box. Here, you find the controls for configuring and setting up your laptop's pointing device. To access the Mouse Properties dialog box, choose Control Panel from the Start menu, and then click Mouse on the Control Panel menu. Have a wonderful day!


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