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FarmVille Express - Additional Information

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Howdy Farmers!

Here is some additional information about Farmville Express:

Q: What are the features that I can use?

A: Farmville Express allows you to:

1. Play the mini-game Scratch & Win.

2. Harvest and/or Plant crops in these Farms: Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland, Hawaiian Paradise and Asia.

3. Complete Quests.

4. Travel to the farms mentioned above.

5. Send free Gifts.

6. Request for help.

7. Add Neighbors.

Q: What are the web game features not available in Farmville Express?

A: Except from the actions listed above, you will not be able to do the following:

1. Harvest Animals, Trees, Orchards, Animal Pens and Buildings.

2. Open the Gift Box.

3. Buy from the Market.

4. Craft Goods.

5. Check Mastery.

6. Check Collections.

7. Play the other mini games like Mystery Dart.

8. Check the Leaderboards.

9. Design the Farms.

10. Buy FV cash.

11. Collect from Feeds.

12. Begin a new quest in the Quest Manager.

Q: What happens when I click on game feeds using FB app on my mobile device?

A: You will get a notification like the one shown below:


This means that you will receive the item that you helped your friend get.

Happy farming!

Farmville Support Team
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