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Lots of blank posts again



  • FarmerCuddlesFarmerCuddles Guru of Mayhem Registered User Posts: 820 Forum Meister
    edited August 2014
    The issue with the blank posts may not be a Zynga issue - it may be an issue with Facebook. If it's Zynga, the issue has been reported and presumably they are working on it. If it is facebook, I sincerely wish Zynga the best of luck in trying to convince them to work on the issue.

    You may need to remove the click trap and reinstall it. I think others have had to do that. (It is not perfect solution, but it's better than no work around at all).

    Farm - I've gotten that error message before - it's usually temporary. (I think it's a communication error between Zynga and Facebook, but I may be mistaked) Couple things to try: You can try reloading the frame to see if the pop-up will come up. You can also try reloading the game (as long as it wasn't a reward post, it should let you try again)
  • LiseBLiseB Captain Obvious Registered User Posts: 48
    edited August 2014
    I'm getting tired of these same bugs.
    How can we advance in the game when our posts aren't showing.
    I pay to play.
    I lost a lot of postings today and yesterday, and I'm way behind in asking for help.
    Hope that you guys at ZYNGA are doing something about it.
    But it doesn't look like it.
    You can bet on one thing. I'm not getting any more farm cash.
  • JanelexJanelex Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 465
    edited August 2014
    Yes I had 3 blank posts yesterday, I am trying to get wishes for a Unicorn in Fairytale Fields and not getting any probably due to this, Facebook has been unstable for 3 weeks now, I keep getting text only display everyday and cannot get into games until 8pm when it returns to normal. Not sure what is going on over there at their HQ but needs fixing.
  • LiseBLiseB Captain Obvious Registered User Posts: 48
    edited August 2014
    This is not fixed yet ????????????????????????????

    I Just started to try to ask for the marzipan pig for the new quest in Fairytale and post showed up BLANK ................ grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Am I supposed to wait for another 6 hours to ask for it again.
    Get your game straight.
    I am losing good neighbors everyday because of constant issues with the game.
    I buy farm cash regularly and will not buy anymore from now on. You just lost a paying customer.
  • pghkatpghkat Learning the Ropes Registered User Posts: 16
    edited August 2014
    The blank gaming requests is going on .. I've seen it several times with friends & now it's happening to me. Every time FB does it's tinkering on things that aren't broke FV has issues. Can someone please fix this problem.
  • MhairiMhairi Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 205
    edited August 2014
    Im haveing blank posts also this has went on for several days now :(
  • pakelihepakelihe Clueless Cookie Registered User Posts: 21
    edited August 2014
    First of all, this appears to be a race condition, if anyone from Zynga cares enough to read this thread.

    As it looks to be a race condition, the workaround that has been functioning fairly well for me is to wait, wait wait before clicking the "Share" button. I normally count to five before clicking the button. I haven't had an empty post in a couple of days since trying this. Hope it helps.

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