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PLEASE PLEASE please update the SDB's for obstacle parts

nichocbnichocb Mazter GuardianRegistered User Posts: 475 Colossal Titan Slayer
edited September 2014 in Feedback and Suggestions
yes its so annoying and time consuming to have to beg for parts to remove all the obstacles and difficult to farm around them


  • JanelexJanelex Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 465
    edited May 2014
    I totally agree also with OP that this would save a lot of time and effort instead of begging too, since that only seems to give us only 1 part and we need like 40+ for the larger ones, why were the sugar shovels removed too from the free gifting panel? I seriously need 42 for one and 10 for another one and I am only getting 1 click on the feed :(
  • elaine jebsonelaine jebson Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 946 On Fire
    edited May 2014
    just visited haunted hollow and i used my SD boxes to remove all the obstacles dont know if this is because its an old farm i have not tried them on more recent farms
  • RoyHRoyH Aged To Perfection Registered User Posts: 562
    edited May 2014
    I love the OP's suggestion. Haunted hollow is the last farm they have updated the SDB's for.
  • Karen 2Karen 2 Grand Poohbah Facebook Connect User Posts: 749
    edited May 2014
    This has been requested a bazillion times, but I don't think we can ask for it enough... getting rid of the obstacles by begging only works on the current farm where EVERYONE is playing - I was way behind on Emerald Valley and I still have half the obstacles on the farm because only two people that I know of are still posting part requests aside from me. And with the facebook feed as erratic as it is, a lot of the times when I post part requests I don't get any responses at all because nobody saw it on their feed!
  • Maxine PeppersMaxine Peppers Clueless Cookie Registered User Posts: 29
    edited May 2014
  • ElliesfarmElliesfarm Pet Queen Registered User Posts: 950 Guru of Mayhem
    edited May 2014
    I agree, I'd like to get rid of the obstacles too
  • nichocbnichocb Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 475 Colossal Titan Slayer
    edited May 2014
    Glad I'm not the only one to want this. I just hope that the mods see this and pass it on!!
  • farmernanny2farmernanny2 Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited June 2014
    there are so many annoyances in this game, its becoming a chore rather than a joy to play. i'm just about done with this....but so sad because i loved it so much. zynga killed it.
  • Annoyed with youAnnoyed with you Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 7 Loose Cannon
    edited August 2014
    Absolutely right. I've only seen one person who is in favour of obstacles, and the newer farms have so many obstacles that you can't put anything else on the farm. I don't play the newer farms because of this.

    Falling on deaf ears though, I'm afraid. Zynga is determined to keep the obstacles and lose the original players. Last count I had 13 farms that weren't being used (and 8 that were). Altogether there are really far to many farms now, and far too many unresolved issues on all of them. Adding a new farm is only a temporary distraction from the problems (probably why there as so many farms now).
  • Rose DavignonRose Davignon Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 21
    edited September 2014
    Yes, please, I agree! :)

    Although the "obstacles" don't make me mad, you do get some cool free stuff! But yes, I am impatient to decorate my farm as I like
  • sherathecatsherathecat The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 61 Captain Obvious
    edited September 2014
    Add me to the list please. I think we need to get all our friends to come post on this thread as well. Maybe if there were 5000 people saying they wanted it, Zynga would listen. It's nice that we can now earn unwither rings on the new farms, but the obstacles are such a drawback that I don't even try to start them.
  • jacgofishjacgofish Cupcake Princesses Registered User Posts: 126
    edited September 2014
    I've found that many of the items needed are in the Gifts section and if you gift them to your friends they will send them back... of course if you have no normal or just Zynga friends then thats a no go for you....
  • nichocbnichocb Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 475 Colossal Titan Slayer
    edited September 2014
    I enjoy getting the decorations from the obstacles, so I'm not in favour of getting rid of them, but Zynga needs to find an easier way for us to open them. Crafting would be a great plan for this, if they're not going to update the SDB's anytime soon!!
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