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Some socks not been addede

Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 193 Fisher
edited May 2014 in Bug Reporting
Yes it was 6 i made yesterday as i got a pop up that i passed one of my friends and saw i had made 6 since thursday and i should of been 9 not 7. but with that Whoa farmer error pop up i got during making them during the day and after all that hard work needs sorting


  • Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 193 Fisher
    edited May 2014
    Back on track i got the 2 i made during the day now been added as when i check after making another 3 that now i have 11 so it might have been 1 missing as it adds to 11 and in the progress of no 12. So either you have made it right or it fixed it self after not playing over night

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