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I love you awesome

Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 193 Fisher
edited January 2014 in FarmVille Discussion
You're very much welcome, Rebecca2. Glad to hear you are happy with the Super fertilizers!

Thank you for your continued support!


  • PaganiZondaPaganiZonda The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,194 Assassin
    edited January 2014
    Indeed! I have been praising Zynga in my News Feed Posts, but I guess, I should do it here too. On Friday night, I had 19 Super Fertilizers and was feeling very good about them. After all, at 7 Farmcash a pop, this was awesomeness at its best! Now, I am at 172 Super Fertilizers and my joy knows no bound. Once in a while Zynga really redeems themselves and I believe we should all appreciate it.

    In conjunction with the Insta-Grows, I was able to wrap up the mastery of all my Holiday Lights crops. That farm is now done! I am even debating the efficacy of expanding it when the 90% sale shows up tomorrow. Maybe I should save my money for El Dorado.

    Anyhow, Zynga here is my other question... you just gave away a 172 * 7 FV Cash = 1,204 Farmcash value! Either you were very very generous all of a sudden or the Super Fertilizers were over-priced to begin with. Oh wait.... the price has fallen!! It is now at 5FV/application. Aha, the power of economics :)
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