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Sending 'Mini Mattocks' and 'Hand Brushes' as gifts cause 'Whoa Farmer'

nichocbnichocb Mazter GuardianRegistered User Posts: 475 Colossal Titan Slayer
edited January 2014 in Bug Reporting
1) I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else but when I send mini mattocks and hand brushes to clear the obstacles from the El Dorado Farm through the free gift page it causes the game to show 'whoa farmer'.

2) Also these items have been disappearing from the free gift page all week so I am unsure if Zynga is allowing us to send them as gifts yet - anyone know the answer to this? Maybe that might have been causing the whoa farmer.

It is virtually impossible to farm/clear these obstacles if we cannot request them from our neighbours - so please fix!! Thanks.

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