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premium upgraids not enough land on EG

Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 193 Fisher
edited September 2013 in FarmVille Discussion
Premium upgrades can't afford on the EG FARM, since we locked out to buy more land with coins I can't continue the quests and i had a preview of how many parts there is 12. i am on part 6 and i have to plant and replant on 282 spaces. Also the other spaces can't use as it full of them things which take longer to remove with getting say 4 or 5 responses from friends. i also noticed that on part 9 of the quest is to seed "WHAT" GOT TO BE JOKING 425 Pixieberry that takes in totel 6 days out of maybe by time get to part 9 be less than a week to go. so if not allowed to get a bigger farm with coins and i don't earn FC NO MORE AND I DID NOT GET BACK MY 16fc after a numerous complaints 4 weeks ago.

At least i might have to use instagrow on those if don't get my request granted of coins farm upgraid to 22x22
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