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11-5-12: Bonsai Garden Causes 'Whoa Farmer' Error

YouGoGlenCocoYouGoGlenCoco Community ManagerSuspended User Posts: 410
edited November 2012 in Resolved Issues
11-5-12: Bonsai Garden Causing ‘Whoa Farmer’ Error

LAST UPDATE 11-8-2012

SUMMARY: Since 11/3/12 Players are reporting that when they create a new Bonsai Tree and place it within the new Bonsai Garden, the game goes out of synch and upon refreshing, both the accumulated “cuttings” and the bonsai are missing.

STATUS: The FarmVille Studio resolved this issue. If you are still experiencing this issue, please report your bug here.


Link to bug reporting thread here.

Help FarmVille resolve this issue. If you are experiencing this bug, please click on the link above the provide the following info:

State exactly what error message are you seeing:

  • What browser and version you are currently using when getting the error:
  • Please explain what actions you took prior to getting the error:
  • Does refreshing help?
  • Do you have one click sharing?
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