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Mystery Seedling Nursery Guide

YouGoGlenCocoYouGoGlenCoco Community ManagerSuspended User Posts: 410
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Need a place to keep track of and grow your Mystery Seedlings? Then place and build the Mystery Seedling Nursery! Like the Mystery Baby Nursery before it, the Mystery Seedling Nursery will help to reduce clutter and lost seedlings!

Note: If you are unable to locate the Mystery Seedling Nursery, check for it in your Gift Box or purchase it in the Market for 5 Coins. Players will need to be at a level 5 to access this pen.


A Green illumination around the Mystery Seedling Nursery will glow over open placement areas on your farm. Players must be level 5 to access the nursery.

You can only have ONE Mystery Seedling Nursery on each Farm (Home, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland Hawaiian Paradise, Jade Falls, and Haunted Hollow). If you really want 2 Mystery Seedling Nurseries, you can purchase the second for Farm Cash.

Once you successfully place your building, you will see the following options:
  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Ask for parts - Send the request for help directly to your friends
  • Complete now - Quickly finish the Mystery Seedling Nursery with Farm Cash
  • Move – Rearrange your Mystery Seedling Nursery on your farm
  • Sell – Sell your Mystery Seedling Nursery


Selecting “Look Inside” will open up the building Menu. The building menu will show the following:
  • Your progression on your Mystery Seedling Nursery (3 Stages Possible)
  • Your collection of Mystery Seedlings (when completed)

The Mystery Seedling Nursery has three building stages. As you complete each of these stages, your Mystery Seedling Nursery will increase the capacity on how many Mystery Seedlings you can store. To complete stages, simply collect the Mystery Seedling Nursery Parts.

There are three types of building Parts: Fertilizer Stake, Seedling Tray, and Mulch*. All three items can be received as free gifts from your Neighbors or purchased for Farm Cash.

*Please note that the Mulch needed to build the Mystery Seedling Nursery is not the same Mulch from the County Fair feature that you can get by harvesting crops. The Mulch for this feature must be collected from neighbors or purchased in the Market.

There are 5 different ways to collect Mystery Seedling Nursery parts:
  • Ask for Part– Send the request for help directly to your friends.
  • Send Parts– Send parts to your friends from the Free Gifts Tab or from the Mystery Seedling Nursery Menu. They will give you one in return.
  • Buy Parts – Buy each part individually with Farm Cash
  • Complete Now– Use Farm Cash to immediately complete this stage.
  • Click on a feed that is giving out Mystery Seedling Nursery Parts.


Once you complete your Mystery Seedling Nursery, share the news with your friends and also share some Mystery Seedlings!


Once you have completed your Mystery Seedling Nursery, you can use your move tool and place your Mystery Seedlings into the pen. And if you want to take them out, no problem! You also have the option to move your seedlings out of the Nursery as well.

Want to purchase Mystery Seedlings? You have the option to head to the Market directly from the Mystery Seedling Nursery. Just mouse over a Mystery Seedling and click on Market.

In the Mystery Seedling Nursery Menu, will be able to see:
  • How many total Mystery Seedlings you can hold
  • How many Mystery Seedlings you currently have
  • The total number of Water you currently have
  • How many more Waters each Seedling needs to grow into a Tree

Once a seedling has been completely watered, you’ll get a congratulations popup that will show you what type of tree it grew up to be! Your new tree can be found in your Gift Box.

You can harvest your Mystery Seedling Nursery for Water every 24 hours.

Note: Use Insta-grows to harvest the Mystery Seedling Nursery for Water

Congratulations completing the Mystery Seedling Nursery! Happy Farming!

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