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County Fair Guide

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County Fair Official Guide

With the new County Fair feature, you can earn collectible animals by entering them in the County Fair Contest and winning. Feed your contestants the type of Mulch they’re craving, enter them in the Contest, and complete the collection to win a special prize!

How this Feature Works

The object of County Fair is to feed your animal contestants the type of Mulch they crave. The more you feed them mulch, they happier they get. A happy contestant is a winning contestant, so the happier your contestant is, the more likely they are to win at the Fair.

There is also a collection aspect to County Fair. Every time you win at the Fair, you get to keep the animal that you entered and place it on your Farm. If you can get all of the animals in County Fair to place, you will also earn a special reward to use on your Farm!

Finding and Opening the County Fair

To access the County Fair, look in the menu at the bottom of the screen and click on the rosette ribbon icon:

This will open up the County Fair, where you will see the animal contestants you can enter in the Fair, the type of mulch to feed them, and your progress in feeding them the mulch:

Getting Mulch

Getting Mulch is simple: just plant and harvest crops! Every crop in FarmVille carries the possibility of producing Mulch when you harvest. There are five types of Mulch: Green Mulch, Blue Mulch, Brown Mulch, Yellow Mulch, and Red Mulch. When you harvest crops and get Mulch, you will see a popup telling you that you found Mulch:

The Mulch that you found will go straight to your County Fair window, not to your gift box. You can see how much of each type you have by looking at the small number next to each mulch bag:

How to Get Mulch

The type of Mulch each crop produces varies depending on the crop. All crops in FarmVille have been randomly assigned a type of mulch that they produce. Each crop will produce the same time of mulch every time you harvest it. You can mouse over the mulch bag icons in the County Fair window to see two examples of crops that produce each type of mulch:

Plant and harvest these crops to ensure that you get that type of Mulch.

Types of Mulch

Beyond the crops that are listed when you mouse over Mulch in the County Fair window, which crops produce which type of Mulch is for YOU to discover! Plant crops, harvest them, and see what you get!

Mulch Cravings

Before you enter them in the County Fair, your contestants will crave a particular kind of Mulch. This will vary from contest to contest, and will change after a certain number of hours. You can see how long you have until the type of Mulch your contestant is craving switches in the County Fair window:

If your contestant’s cravings change before you enter it in the contest, don’t worry! You maintain the progress you had with the other type of Mulch, but you will have to complete feeding that contestant with the new type of Mulch it is craving.

Entering the Contest

To enter the County Fair Contest, just click the “Enter” button under a contestant. You can enter the County Fair Contest as soon as you’ve fed a contestant any Mulch at all. However, the more Mulch you feed your contestant, the more likely they are to win. If you feed your contestant to 100%, you are guaranteed to win!

Winning the Contest

Each time you win the County Fair Contest, you win one level up from the last ribbon you won. So, the first time you play County Fair and win, you will win 6th place with whatever animal you enter. The next time you enter that animal, you’d win 5th place, and so on.

When you win the contest, you get to keep the animal you entered. You can place it anywhere on your Farm, and harvesting it near other animals actually increases the amount of XP the animals nearby produce! The contestants you can collect get more and more visually impressive each time you win, so try and collect them all!

Placing in All Categories

For each contest, you can enter a cow, sheep, pig, horse, or chicken. If you can win a ribbon for each type of animal, you earn an additional prize, which is shown at the bottom of the County Fair window:

This reward improves for each level you get all of your animals to, so play today to see what other cool prizes you can unlock!

We hope you enjoy the County Fair! Happy Farming!

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