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Sunflower Meadows Guide

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Sunflower Meadows – Official Guide

Get back to Farming basics with the new Sunflower Meadows feature! This additional Farming land is available for purchase with either cash OR coins. It’s adjacent to your Home Farm and works just like any of your other Farms. Best of all, it shares storage with your Home Farm, so you can start transferring items between your Home Farm and Sunflower Meadows immediately!

Traveling to Sunflower Meadows

If you zoom out on your Home Farm, you will see Sunflower Meadows located on the upper-left edge of your Farm:

Clicking on Sunflower Meadows for the first time will bring you to a window prompting you to purchase access. If you choose to buy access, you will see a traveling window similar to what you see when you travel between expansions. You can click on Sunflower Meadows to purchase access at any time, and once you’ve bought access, you will click on the Meadows to travel there.

Please note: You can’t access Sunflower Meadows through either of the travel menus that you use to get to expansions. You can only get to Sunflower Meadows by clicking on it on the edge of your Home Farm.

Traveling Back to Your Home Farm

To get back to your Home Farm from Sunflower Meadow, simply click on the Farm at the edge of the Sunflower Meadow board:

You can also click on the green Home button on the upper right-hand corner of your screen to travel home:

Farming in Sunflower Meadows

Farming in Sunflower Meadows works just like farming on any other Farm! You can plant, plow, harvest, raise animals, and place buildings just like you would on any Farm. Meadows are additional space for you to use and enjoy as you see fit. To help you get started, you will find a free Barn and Sunflower Horse already waiting for you on the new land.

Shared Storage in Sunflower Meadows

Sunflower Meadow shares storage with your Home Farm, so you can start moving items from your Home Farm to Sunflower Meadows by storing them on your Home Farm and getting them out of the Yellow Barn once you arrive in Sunflower Meadows. You can also use any items you have in your Gift Box in Sunflower Meadows—it works like any of your other expansion farms!

We hope you enjoy your new land! Happy Farming!

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