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Time Machine Official Guide

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Time Machine Official Guide

Travel through time to collect amazing prizes from different eras with the new Time Machine feature!

Getting Started

When you open FarmVille, you will see a window prompting you to place your Time Machine. If you choose not to place the Time Machine right then and switch tools, your Time Machine will go to your Gift Box to place later. You can also find the Time Machine in the Market:

NOTE: You can have one Time Machine on each of your Farms.

Once you place the Time Machine, you will have these options:
  • Look Inside: Look inside the Time Machine’s dashboard
  • Move: Relocate the Time Machine on your Farm
  • Sell: Option to sell the Time Machine

Note that there is no building required once you place the Time Machine. When it’s on your Farm, it’s ready to go!

Traveling Through Time
  • The Time Machine will allow you to travel back to a specific period in history, where you can collect a limited edition item from that era.
  • You can unlock new eras to visit by collecting Time Tokens when you visit the past.
  • When you first start to interact with the Time Machine, the Groovy 1970s will already be unlocked for you, and you can make your first visit back in time.

How to Time Travel

In order to go back in time, you need to have enough Time Tonic to fuel your journey. To get Time tonic, you can:
  • Ask your friends to send you some
  • Click on the feeds of your friends who are sharing
  • Purchase for FC

Once you have enough Time Tonic to travel, you can’t collect more Tonic until you’ve made a Time Journey and used up the Tonic that you already have, so as soon as you have enough Time Tonic, go pay a visit to your Time Machine!

When your Time Tonic Tank is full, the “Travel Through Time” button will turn green, indicating that you’re ready to go!

Visiting The Past

For each journey you take back in time, you will find one prize from that era. When you arrive in the past, you will see a popup showing you what you’ve won:

Each era will have limited release crops, trees, gnomes, and animals, which you can also purchase for Farm Cash once you’ve unlocked that era. Some prizes are more common than others, so keep visiting to collect them all!

Time Machine Prizes

Each Era offers you 5-6 different prizes. The more you collect Time Tonic, the more chances you get to "Travel Through Time" and receive a prize.

1970's Era Prizes
  • Hippie Horse
  • Hustlin Cow
  • Studio 45 Gnome
  • Lava Lamp Tree
  • Peace Flower Crop
  • Flax Capacitor <-- Collect 5 of these to unlock the Victorian Era

Victorian Era Prizes
  • Buckingham Horse
  • Parasol Tree
  • Queen Victoria’s Dog
  • Duchess Gnome
  • Ivy Crop
  • Gyroscopes <-- Collect 10 of these to unlock the Victorian Era

Victorian Era Prizes
  • Warrior Horse
  • Ume Tree
  • Munchaku Turtle
  • Geisha Gnome
  • Cherry Blossom Crop

NOTE: The seeds being awarded are unintentionally too low. The current value of 20 seeds will be changed to 200 soon.

Unlocking New Eras

Time Machine allows you to travel to 3 different Eras: the 70's Era, the Victorian Era and the Feudal Japan Era. There are different requirements to unlock each of the 3 Eras. Placing the Time Machine on your farm automatically unlocks the 70's era. You will need to collect 5 Flax Capacitors to unlock the Victorian Era and 10 Gyroscopes to unlock Feudal Japan Era.

How to collect Flax Capacitors and Gyroscopes

To collect Flax Capacitors, you will need to travel through the 70's Era multiple times. The more you collect Time Tonic, the more you can "Travel Through Time" and increase your chances of receiving Flax Capacitors--it's 1 of the 6 prizes.

To collect Gyroscopes, you will need to travel through the Victorian Era multiple times. The more you collect Time Tonic, the more you can "Travel Through Time" and increase your chances of receiving Gyroscopes--it's 1 of the 6 prizes.

Note that to unlock an era, you need to have unlocked the era before it. So, to unlock Feudal Japan, you must unlock the Victorian Era first AND collected enough Time Tokens!

We hope you enjoy traveling through time and collecting awesome prizes! Happy Farming!

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