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My Haunted House Guide

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My Haunted House

Want to add a little of your own personal spooky flair to your Farm?
Place and use the My Haunted House feature to place and decorate your own personal Halloween house!

You should be prompted with a window to place a Spooky Realty building on your farm. If you don’t see this window, you can also access it in the Market:

When you place your workshop, you will have three options:
  • Look Inside: Opens up My Haunted House feature
  • Move: Relocate Spooky Realty building on your farm
  • Sell: Sell Spooky Realty for 1 Coin

**NOTE: You don’t have the place Spooky Realty to design a haunted house! Just find the “Spooky Home” in the Market and click “Create!”

How This Feature Works: Overview
  • Just like the My Dream House feature, My Haunted House allows you to choose pieces to create your own buildings with the spooky decorations that you want.
  • The number of items you need to gather to create your building will vary according to what type of building you choose to design, and how sophisticated your building is.

Gathering Items to Build Your Haunted House

There are four types of items you will need to gather to build your Haunted House:
  • Darkwood
  • Slime
  • Cobweb
  • Decorator

How to Get These Items:

There are two ways to get Darkwood, Slime, and Cobweb:
  • Send a request directly to your friends asking for them to send these items
  • Purchase these items with Farm Cash

Hiring Decorators:

In addition to gathering items for your Haunted House, you also need to hire a crew of Decorators to give your Haunted House the final terrifying touches! You can do this in two ways:
  • Ask: Ask your friends to help you by posting a request to your feed
  • Buy: Hire decorators for 8 FC each

**REMEMBER: The number of each item you need to complete your building will vary depending on which elements you add to it.**

Unlocking New Blueprints

There are three types of buildings, or Blueprints. that you can design and build:
  • Spooky Home
  • Pumpkin House
  • Haunted House

Some things to note about unlocking blueprints and placing completed buildings:
  • When you complete one blueprint, you unlock the next one.
  • You must complete one building for a given blueprint before you can unlock the next one. However, you can sell or store your buildings once you create them if you don’t want to have them all out on your farm at one time!
  • Each level also unlocks different design elements to go with the new building (so, for example, there are more decorative options available on the Pumpkin House than the Spooky House, etc.)
  • There is no limit to the number of buildings for each blueprint that you can design and place.

Designing Your Haunted House

Once you’ve selected a blueprint, it’s time to design your house! There are three tabs of customizable options for your building:
  • Houses: Select one of the blueprints mentioned above to start customizing it
  • Decos: Choose exterior decorations such as lights or pumpkins
  • Glamour: Add extra-spooky flair such as tombstones and brambles to makes your house extra scary!

Placing Your Building

After you have designed your building the way you want it and have acquired all the parts necessary to complete it, the “Build” button will turn green. Click it to place your building on your farm. If you don’t want to place your building at that time, simply change the mouse tool back to “Multi Tool” and your building will be placed in your gift box for later.

We hope you enjoy designing your own Haunted House! Happy Haunting!
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