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Fall City

KorganoKorgano Social SnowflakeRegistered User Posts: 224
edited January 2013 in FarmVille Art
4. Suburbs and forest




Outside of the main city, there's a small village with some houses, another inn, a train station and an old windmill, which serves now as the village's café. There's a path running through the adjacent forest, leading to a cabin, where wanderers may have a break. Making a walk through the forest in fall, where the leaves have warm colors and everything smells like earth, is one of the most beautiful things I know so far :)

Of course, the fairies like it as well, since they moved in to the old castle and garden ruins at the lakeside, as well as the small cave, where mysterious creatures are said to live, like the Autumn Fairy Calf and the Fall Unicorn Foal. They receive their magic power from the magic tree on the island in the lake. There's also a horde of wolves at the westernmost corner, having a home in a cave in the ledge and a spring on their own.

5. Farming Area



I don't know if this section of my "farm" is realistic or not... Besides, it hasn't been fully completed yet, since it's very hard to get all those fall trees (it took me nearly half a year to plant this forest...) Anyway, this is the place of all my farmers.

One of them has a garden with trees which can be harvested for various fruits. (They even have a service tree, these trees have become nearly extinct in Europe). One of them has a poultry farm with chickens and geese, a second one is tending to cows and another one is breeding horses. They can all sell their products at the Farmer's Market near the road. I also placed the city's zoo there, far away from a city's racket.

That's now all, I hope you like it :)


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