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JF Chapter latest Quests

LuisaTaylorLuisaTaylor Unstained ChieftainRegistered User Posts: 137
edited September 2012 in Community Created Guides
Well they do have the items listed now I see....but it is still incomplete (-:


  • poormonkpoormonk Chocolatier Registered User Posts: 60
    edited September 2012
    Well they do have the items listed now I see....but it is still incomplete (-:

    Can't post the link I used but here's a text only listing.

    Quest 1: Lantern of Red
    Requirements: Get 6 Red Lanterns, Harvest 30 Horse Radish, Harvest Jade Aviary Twice
    Rewards: 50 ZP, Lamp Banner, 500 Jade Coins

    Quest 2: Lantern of Blue
    Requirements: Get 8 Blue Lanterns, Harvest 30 Baby Corn, Make 3 Takoyaki Recipes
    Rewards: 100 ZP, 5 Lantern Fences, 1000 Jade Coins

    Quest 3: Lantern of Yellow
    Requirements: Get 8 Yellow Lanterns, Harvest 18 Scallops, Make 3 Moon Cake Recipes
    Rewards: 150 ZP, Lantern Pagoda, 1500 Jade Coins

    Quest 4: Lantern of Green
    Requirements: Get 8 Green Lanterns, Harvest 50 Sesame, Make 4 Fried Rice Recipes
    Rewards: 200 ZP, Clock Fountain, 2000 Jade Coins

    Quest 5: Something Fishy
    Requirements: Get 9 Fish Lanterns, Harvest 40 Watercress, Make 4 Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipes
    Rewards: 300 ZP, Lantern Boat, 2500 Jade Coins

    Quest 6: Dragon Lantern
    Requirements: Get 10 Dragon Lanterns, Harvest 40 Water Chestnut, Harvest Jade Animal Habitat Twice
    Rewards: 400 ZP, Dragon Float, 5000 Jade Coins

    The pen harvests and the crafting make this one hard to complete without spending FC.
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