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Jade coin animal and tree guide?

Brad StevensBrad Stevens Saint SpontaneousRegistered User Posts: 59
edited July 2012 in Community Created Guides
There was a spreadsheet that someone had created for the trees, but not animals. I have been creating my own guide for the animals, but w/ the issue that some Jade trees/animals are not giving jade coins at the moment, and the loss of Claire/Flea Market, I am not able to expand on my current list. Therefore, so far this is a fairly short list.


  • Brad StevensBrad Stevens Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 59
    edited July 2012
    Thanks. So I'll go back to looking for the tree list. This thing of what does or doesn't, may or may not, not now but maybe someday, Asian/Chinese/Japanese item but no jade gain or at sale is confusing. Not to mention level 2 giving less than level 1!
  • Vicki LynnVicki Lynn Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 65
    edited July 2012
    Just another FYI... in looking thru the Market there are several trees and animals that are listed for the Jade farm, but they are not listed as giving Jade coins. But because they do give ZP I keep them on my Jade harvesting list.
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