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Jade Falls Quests: Chapter 3

MsMarciaMsMarcia The One Who Knows It AllRegistered User Posts: 204
edited June 2012 in Community Created Guides
Quest 1: Best Laid Plans
Requirements: Get 6 boat plans, harvest 10 jade bamboos, improve Mountain Palace to Level 2
Rewards: Golden snub-nosed monkey, 25 Zen, 425 jade coins

Quest 2: Will it Float?
Requirements: Get 8 ancient logs, harvest 8 sticky rice, harvest golden snub-nosed monkey twice
Rewards: Evergreen pear tree, ?? Zen, 850 jade coins

Quest 3: Paint Your Dragon
Requirements: Get 8 dragon streamers, harvest 15 sichuan pepper, make two pho soup
Rewards: Yakow cow, 75 Zen, 1,275 jade coins

Quest 4: Drum and Drummer
Requirements: Get 8 dragon drums, harvest 20 azuki, make two chow mein
Rewards: Dragon costume, ?? Zen, 1,700 jade coins

Quest 5: TLove it oar Leave It
Requirements: Get 9 dragon oars, harvest 25 edamame, complete one jade aquarium
Rewards: Dragon boat, ?? Zen, 2,125 jade coins

Quest 6: Never Deal With a Dragon
Requirements: Get 10 dragon breath, master golden snub-nosed monkey to Level 1, make two egg rolls
Rewards: Chinese dragon, ?? Zen, 4,250 jade coins
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