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Coconuts rewards for HP Chapter #6 received are wrong

AbuelaMariAbuelaMari Enthusiastic ExpertRegistered User Posts: 285
edited May 2012 in Community Created Guides
AbuelaMari wrote: »
I am working on HP chapter 6 and just completed Quest #4 'Pop The Question'.

The chapter 6 guide posted here said I should have received 1000 coconuts for each completed quest up to number 7, but I just only received 850!

Can somebody tell me why?? What can I do about this? I took a screen shut of the pop up window that showed my rewards for that quest, but I don't know how to post it here.

HELP please

To post it here, you've got to move it up to the web first. Then, click on the "insert image" button and enter the ULR. But, you can open an issue with customer support and attach it right from your computer. To get the additional coconuts, CS is your only option.

Zynga's reduced the number of coconuts received for harvesting trees & animals. Maybe an inadvertent repercussion of that is the reduction in quest rewards. If it happens to me when I finish the next quest, I'll definitely be taking to to CS.


  • gailatfvgailatfv Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 1,852 The Chosen One
    edited May 2012
    I've been getting a lesser amount of coconuts from the quest rewards ever since chapter 2. I made a post complaining about it when it first happened but then figured I was the only one it was happening to since nobody else seemed to notice it. And since usually there is no "official" quest guide, but rather one that one of the forum members posted, I figured I didn't have a leg to stand on there. *Sigh.* Just one more indignity shoveled on top of the others!
  • askshanaaskshana Pet Queen Registered User Posts: 843
    edited May 2012
    That's my bad I think - I get the info from another website and I keep forgetting to update the number of coconuts I actually get.
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