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Tree Mastery / Orchard Guide - Supplement

AberZombi&FleshAberZombi&Flesh Lord of the ForumsRegistered User Posts: 8,019
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Orchard Specs
You can buy a fully constructed orchard for 30 FC, or an orchard frame for 1,000 coins. If you buy a frame you must construct the orchard yourself with 9 bricks, 10 boards, 10 nails. (They say you need 10 bricks, but the orchard frame comes with 1 for free.)

Holds up to 20 trees, NOW expandable - Super Orchard. You put them into the orchard by moving them and dropping them in, just like with horses and the stable. You can put ANY mix of trees you want in there, doesn't have to be all one type.

5 x 4 (1.25 plots long x 1 plot high), not rotatable. Orchards fit snugly together and will share a fence between them if they are touching. Orchard takes EXACTLY the same amount of space as the trees inside.

Once every 48 hours. Note that this means you can "accelerate" slow harvest trees by putting them in an orchard and still get the same coins per harvest. A Lime tree in an orchard will harvest every two days for 75 coins, not every 5 days. This means, over time, you are essentially adding 50% profit on a 3-day tree, 100% on a 4-day tree, and 150% on a 5-day tree. Not bad, huh?

When harvested, an Orchard might produce a mystery seedling that must be watered to grow into a "level 2" tree. Chance for a FULL orchard (20 trees) to produce a seedling appears to be about 50%.

NOTE: producing a mystery seedling will not consume the parent tree... when parents make babies the parents don't disappear.

The seedling type is based on the trees within the orchard. Level 2 trees CAN be put into orchards as well and produce seedlings of the same type.

You can have as many orchards as you can fit on your farm. BUT you can only have one under construction at any one time. If you go to the market and find you can't buy one and it says "limit: 1" underneath, it means you have one on your farm already that isn't fully constructed.

Mystery Seedling Info
When an orchard produces a seedling, it will go to your giftbox, and you can share a seedling on your feed. (NOTE: Though the seedling that goes to your giftbox will mature as expected, the seedling you share on your feed will be completely random, even if you had only one kind of tree in your orchard.) Up to five neighbors can claim a seedling you post on your feed.

When you plant a seedling, you can post an announcement to your feed requesting watering cans.

Click the "USE" button under the watering can in your giftbox and then click on the seedling you want to water. It takes 8 cans to water a seedling to adulthood.

When the seedling reaches 4/8 cans, you can post an announcement to your feed to share extra watering cans with your friends.

On the 8'th watering the seedling reaches maturity you will find out what kind of tree it is. At that time you can post to your feed an announcement of the seedling maturing, and share ONE of the trees it grew into.

NEW "WATER SEEDLING" feature in the dropdown. Waters seedling to completion, however, you will still need to share/dismiss the would-be halfway popup.

SPECIAL NOTATION: Some L2 seedlings sometimes produce their L1 parent tree. This is not always a guaranteed seedling, but for the reference aware. Gem and Golden Apple are two examples.

Known Bugs
  1. Placing an Arjuna mastery sign causes OOS and the sign disappears. Speak to customer service to get your sign back.
  2. Giant Cotton Candy mastery sign displays invisible (referring to the thumbnail/preview pic) in the GB.
  3. The "mastery panel" continues to be buggy, different folks see different trees--mastery works according to the chart in this guide no matter what the mastery panel says. From personal experience, one must own the L1 tree (and harvest one time) in order [for said tree] to appear in the mastery tab.
  4. Caramel Apple II trees have been removed from the game. Any previously-owned CAII trees or mastery signs have been renamed.

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