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Crafting Silo Guide

Henrique LinkJrHenrique LinkJr The Chosen OneRegistered User Posts: 425
edited July 2012 in Community Created Guides
Once built, can it be stored? How many total materials are required to upgrade it fully?


  • magik_vmcmagik_vmc Learning the Ropes Facebook Connect User Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    I have a silo on each farm and a total of 100 storage capacity, does this mean that I am done upgrading both silos? I would like to know because I still have a ton of hinges, tin sheets and screwdrivers in my gift box and I'm not sure if I'm going to need them still or if I can just re-gift them now. Help please!
  • CoolCatSkippyCoolCatSkippy Chocolatier Registered User Posts: 62
    edited July 2011
    My silos are not fully upgraded. They're both level 2 silos and in Farmville Freak I noticed a 3rd level silo. Will we ever be able to expand our silos to the 3rd level???:confused: I will be hanging on to my spare parts until I know for sure.
  • MousepqMousepq Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 1,570
    edited July 2011
    I am hoping (and expecting!) more quests which will unlock the third level when completed.

    To make this a 'full' guide here are a few questions about items stored in the silo for which I am looking for answers -

    Which trees produce which fruits needed for crafting?
    Which buildings produce which other items needed for crafting? (manure/milk cans/etc)

    and is there a guide to the Craftshop? I am looking for a list of the craftshop recipes and production times.
  • catsladycatslady Pumpkin Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited July 2011
    My silo says locked, how to unlock?
  • lilly beanlilly bean Loose Cannon Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited July 2011
    I can't expand my silo at all :(
  • deledele Captain Obvious Registered User Posts: 4
    edited July 2011
    I crafted a Swiss Cabin,placed it on my farm. Farm went out of sync.which it does often. When I refreshed my cabin was gone and did not come back. I would appreciate getting it back.
  • Jessica BukJessica Buk Not a Title, but a Star Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums
    edited July 2011
    I would appreciate the Swiss Cabin I made to show up! My counter says i have 1 stare and it made im making my 3rd beach ball since my cabin and no cabin anywhere!!! AHHHH!!!! I am so irriatated with this game!!
  • KaelkittyKaelkitty Chocolatier Registered User Posts: 49
    edited July 2012
    Could we Please have an update to this Guide - it doesn't show any information on the new higher upgrade path, nor does it explain how having more than one silo (I have 5 - one on each farm) causes them to interact - something which I still DON'T understand, and which was my reason for coming here in the first place!
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