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08-04-2010 Beta Known Issues

VoltaiVoltai CommunitySuspended User Posts: 694
edited August 2010 in Resolved Issues
Beta Known Issues

The following is a list of issues the FarmVille Developers are currently aware of and are working on finding solutions for.

Some of the issues have work-arounds that the FarmVille team has discovered. We will provide information on these work-arounds as often as we are able. Please remember that there is no guarantee these work-arounds will solve your issue.

This list will be periodically updated as issues are resolved.

LAST UPDATE 9-4-2012

STATUS: The FarmVille Studio resolved this issue. If you are still experiencing this issue, please report your bug here.

Common Issues:

These are issues currently under investigation that are known to affect a large population of players. They receive regular attention towards resolving them as they appear on a case-by-case basis.
  • Out-of-Sync Issues
  • Feed Posting Issues
  • Performance Issues
  • Loading Issues
  • Co-Op Issues
  • Gift Issues
  • Requesting Issues
  • Saving Issues
  • Neighbor Issues
  • Full Screen Mode Issues
  • Avatar Issues
  • Ribbons/Achievement Issues

May 2011:
April 2011:
Februrary 2011:

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.
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