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08-04-2010 - Gift Issues

VoltaiVoltai CommunitySuspended User Posts: 694
edited August 2010 in Resolved Issues
Gift Issues

LAST UPDATE 11-21-2012


Various issues with sending and receiving Gifts have been reported. Typically, this bug will occur when a user attempts to accept a gift. Upon accepting the gift, they will be taken directly into FarmVille without receiving the Gift.


As of January 26th, this issue has not been resolved. This issue is many times related to Facebook issues. If you notice that Facebook is experiencing issues that are interfering with your game play, we highly suggest you refrain from accepting or sending gifts until Facebook is running smoothly again. Please report any issues with sending/receiving Gifts here:
11-21-2012 Status:
We are closing is old, outdated KI and bug. If you are still experiencing this issue, please report your bug here.
It would help a ton if you can describe your issue:
  • What browser and version you are currently using when getting the error:
  • Where are you trying to send gifts: free gifts tab, inside a building, ZSC?
  • Where are you trying to collect gifts: ZSC, Facebook posts, Facebook
  • What message did you get?
  • Please explain what actions you took prior to getting the error:
  • Are you playing on a Mac or PC computer?
  • Do you have one click sharing?


Using multiple browser windows and/or tabs may cause issues with gifts being received in game. Clearing your browser cache and only using one window when accepting gifts helps prevent gift loss.
Accept each gift and when you acknowledge, press YES - as though you have more gifts to accept. When you accept your last gift - press YES again and return to your HOME page. Then, using the bookmark, go to FarmVille.

Additional Information:

When accepting gifts there are some things to look out for and be mindful of, such as:
  • Do you have gift requests that have been available for several weeks along with more recent ones?
  • Are they multiples of the same gift?
  • Are the gifts all from the same neighbor?

Further investigation into missing gifts issue has determined that if there could be a connection between these factors. If you notices that these factors match your own and have experienced trouble accepting gifts, please report theses issues here:

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.
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