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08-04-2010 - Saving Issues

VoltaiVoltai CommunitySuspended User Posts: 694
edited August 2010 in Resolved Issues
Saving Issues


Planting, plowing and harvesting changes made to a farm not saved once you exit the game or visit neighbors.
New objects such as trees, animals, buildings and decorations that are added to your farm are not saved when you exit the game or visits neighbors. Objects may “disappear”.

Changes made in relocating objects on your farm are not saved when you exit the game or visit neighbors. Objects may revert to original locations.
Experience points or coin balance may not save.


Our developers are aware of the saving issues above and are continuously working towards finding a solution.


Saving issues can be potentially avoided by staying on your farm for at least 15 minutes (after making changes) before closing your browser or visiting Neighbors. Exit the game by going to your Facebook "home" page. Do not close your browser to exit game.

“Saving Game”


You may receive a “Saving Game” pop-up while doing various tasks around your farm. This pop-up can cause the application to stop responding.


As of January 26th, this issue happens intermittently to some of our users. There is currently no known fix for this issue; however our developers are looking into this problem and hope to have a resolution soon.

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.
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