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08-04-2010 - Full Screen Mode

VoltaiVoltai CommunitySuspended User Posts: 694
edited August 2010 in Resolved Issues
Full Screen Mode:

LAST UPDATE 11-21-2012


Full screen mode may not work for some players.


This issue is usually not related to FarmVille. Full Screen may not work for you if your system is having performance issues, or does not have the adequate requirements to run FarmVille.

11-26-2012 STATUS:

FarmVille is closing this old, outdated bug. If you are still experiencing this issue or a similar issue, please report your bug here. Please note that accessing your ZSC, posting a feed and sending individual help requests to your friends will automatically exit out of full screen mode.

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.
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