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08-04-2010 Feed Posting Issues

VoltaiVoltai CommunitySuspended User Posts: 694
edited August 2010 in Resolved Issues
Feed Posting Issues

  • Players may be unable to post FarmVille related feeds to their wall.
  • Players may find their feeds expiring early.


No known fix is currently available for users who are experiencing intermittent Feed Posting issues. Our developers are still looking into this issue and we hope to have a resolution in the future.


If you are not given the option to post a feed after completing the appropriate action to do so, there may be a conflict between your security programs such as your computer's virus protection or ad-blocking programs, and Facebook or Farmville.

You may need to disable Popup/Ad-blocking software such as Kapersky internet security or Ad-block for Firefox. Rather than fully disabling the software you may also make an exception for the social networking platform on which you play our game. Please refer to your software documentation or 'help' file for instructions.

For virus protection software you may need to add the web address for Facebook and Farmville into your virus protection's white list so that Farmville content is not mistakenly blocked. Please refer to your software documentation or 'help' file for instructions.

In addition, disabling any Banner Ad Blocking portion of your internet security program could also solve problems with being given the option to post feeds. These workarounds also may help players who are unable to open in game menus. (Market, Garden Shed, Chicken Shed, etc.)

If you find your issue in this section, please refrain from creating additional threads unless otherwise specified in the description of the Bugs listed above.
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