Removal of resouces and decreased headquarter

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Dear Zynga,
I am your admirer since long and have played your game Empire and Allies since last 4 years. Three day before u sent me gift along with 10 laks gold and other catches useful for unlocking robots. Wherein i have not committed any hack or unfair means in getting that day after u took back all the gold. When i had recieved that gold i have already unlocked Headquarter 32 but now u have reversed my game and returned it to Hq 31. This is very shocking wherein my 3 days of efforts and all upgraded things were reverted back where in i have lost my 3 days daily mission means 70 gold, my hammerfall resources and components, my hq upgrade and huge amount of resources. Which means i have sufferred all this for no fault of me and for the fault of zynga and also inplace of compensating u people cause me heavy loss of1 headquarter upgrade more then 100 gold, my war components, resources and more over precious 4 days time. Although i have upgraded to level 34 with the help of ur gold which were sent to me as a gift and now since they were taken away and my account is again decreased to hq 31 although i hav myself upgraded it to 32 and 34 with the help of gold recieved as a gift. Now m not willing to play anymore of this game. Since i have to suffer all this due to ur fault. Bye


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    It’s not a gift if the sender never meant for you to receive it. Like if the bank accidentally deposits a million dollars in your bank account. You can’t keep that either. Shouldn’t have spent any of it in the first place.
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    But the bank will only take away what it accidentally gave you, but it damaged you. I also got 10 million gold and I knew it was definitely no gift and therefore I did not spend anything from the corner and yet returned my account back and I lost 3000 xp and further 50 million tech, iron, green boxes and of oil. And for that I got 2000 gold compensation and that's ridicule. I was just damaged and those who didn't get anything could just cheer.

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