Recruiting new members to Victory_Day Alliance

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Welcome to Empires & Allies. No idea how active this forum really is, so here goes.

I am General Yrotciv in the "Victory_Day" alliance. We are a very new alliance. (Nov 2018) I am focusing right now on earning Alliance XP to build our prestige levels. Higher Prestige levels give perks to members. The alliance is currently set to "open" with only a few requirements for anyone to join. Once you reach base level 4 and have 200 medals, you may search for and join us. I am not planning on doing any alliance wars just yet. Of course we need more members for that anyway. Come, build your base and increase skill level all while contributing to a team effort. Communicate in the alliance chat. Tell us if you need help, or can offer troops for others. One thing I will mention is freeloading is not welcome. Please don't join then instantly start asking for massive amounts of resources. I'll just dismiss you from the roster.

Looking forward to some new folks!!


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    We just competed in our first war. We didn't win, but it was fun. And I think most folks learned a lot, I know I did. You have got to have a really good defensive set up to have any chances.

    Trying to do some more recruiting. I need to get over 20 more people to join the alliance. The more we have, the more alliance XP we can churn out. AXP gives higher prestige levels which give perks to our members. I want more perks!

    I have lowered the initial requirement to level 2 and 100 medals. Search for Victory_Day alliance and join us.

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    I keep playing around with the entry requirements. Now it's Level 5 HQ and I think 200 medals.

    We've been in 6 wars now. Won 4 and lost 2. I need to read up on war tactics. In general we are all probably too trusting. In our last war we had a spy join us the moment the war was started. We didn't realize it until he exposed his identity. Did they "cheat"..? I guess no, technically not, they just took advantage of our inexperience. My lesson learned? Close the alliance before you search for a war. Open it back up after the war is finished.

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    Still hard at it. When I started the alliance back in November I recall seeing our ranking being something like about 45,000th. Kind of depressing. Today (1/30/2019) we are ranked number 5,762. A really impressive improvement. We are trying to have a war every Friday. We are currently at 6 wins and 4 losses. In our last war we gained 87/87 flags to win. Lots of good participation. We usually have a couple open spots. Stop by to see how we are doing. HQ5 and 350 medals required to join.

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    Keep it up, @jim9418! I believe that you can make it to the top someday. Best of luck!

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    Raised our entry requirements to HQ8 with 500 medals. Our alliance is growing and just keeps getting better. Today we are ranked at 4,056. We have 32 people, with 16 feeder bases, for a total of 48 bases right now. Always looking for active players who participate in the chat communication, share resources, and help other members. Search for Victory_Day to find us.

    I also have an extra alliance we have some of our excess feeder bases in called Feeder_Bases_Inc. Not very original, but hey, it is just a parking lot for feeders.

    Starting to encourage participation in missions. Now that it only takes 3 members it is much easier to get one going. The rewards are out of this world for a win. Only drawback is the amount of play time needed to dedicate. At over two hours non-stop it is significant. Most folks can't spend that much time all at once. Would love to see Zynga speed up the troop movement, and lower the overall time. More people would be inclined to join probably.


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    Victory_Day had three demoralizing war losses in April 2019. Our record is now 14 wins and 10 losses. We didn't really "get beat" so much as we simply gave them away. Mainly due to lack of participation by members that did not opt out. Shame on them right? Our next war will only include the top 20 bases from the Alliance Leaderboard. The Leaderboard isn't about HQ or player level, it is all about alliance activity and participation. Create AXP and move up the ranks in the Leaderboard. Setting this new goal has increased alliance activity at all levels. It's like watching a shark feeding frenzy or something the way folks are energized. Even with the losses, we have moved up yet again in overall ranking. Now sitting at 3,333 so I know our opponents will continue to get tougher, be we are getting tougher as well. Raised the minimum requirement again. HQ level 9 or higher with 400 medals. Alliance is open except during war time.

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    Left Victory Day to go start something new. No more updates from me here.

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