Fairer Medal Brackets

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Fairer medal brackets in both league & quick matches, at the moment HQ 26 can attack HQ 22s due to same amount of medals with little to no chance of successful retal, with quick matches recently serving up level 85 & 86s. This removes the incentive to climb medal ranks or penalized for the effort.

Leagues are similar problem with players over 30k meds playing for 8s most of the time & someone with 20k meds playing for 17s doesn't give the incentive to battle hard out at 2 to 1 odds


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    I totally agree RoamingOne. Pairings based on medal count does not work. It favors higher level players that dump medals. The goal as I understand the game, is to become strong then move up to new challenges by advancing your HQ level. HQ level pairing is the only fair way to do quick match battle pairings. Anything other than that make the game frustrating and unappealing to most player. What fun is it to spend 200k oil each time in QM only to lose ? We need rss to advance and under the current pairing system the accumulation of rss to upgrade is not possible.

    Please change to HQ pairing.

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    I agree but this outfit doesn't listen or seem to care. I've won leagues, played a lot since I starting this game. I have 35000 medals, I get paired with people that have 40000 to 60000. That's fine BUT. . Those players are lvl 85 and up, I'm a lvl 69... that's fine BUT... I just became a lvl 27 hq, I battle lvl 29 & 30 hq only THAT'S NOT FINE. I can fire everything I have before I deploy forces and can't knock out the sonic barrier.

    The quick matches need to be by hq lvl, not medals. I'm not sure what these people don't understand about that!!!
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