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This is a base I came across during hammerfall. The trees are perfectly formed in a circle none of my troops except a striker got through at the top somehow. I directed all to the top of the map then into the middle time after time yet nothing successfully entered (the only possible opening is at the omega base. I've tried everywhere else and no I didnt want to use aerial attack cos I wanted to see if ground troops could fit through). A couple of questions.
1. How can you create so many trees in such a pattern even after extracting them? No new bases give that many trees
2. Is this a hacked base setup if there is such a thing?


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    it takes a long time, many bases like that in game. Trees doesn't grow on walls so you have to place walls where you dont want the trees to grow and keep digging out the low level trees. it takes months to do it.

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    Yep lots out there like that. Also if one striker got through then all of them could. You have to "drive" them there with control group... The problem is the AI will only take them to the closest point, if that's not where the hole is, they wont find it on their own necessarily. I do see a hole on this one, right by your colossus, and looks like another one up and to the right of your CNC circle...

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    I appreciate your help and all of you are correct, Commanders! Trees will most likely grow on a free space and I suggest that you leave a 4 by 4 grid on a spot that you like, @AWESUM. Also, make sure to remove any low level to have a chance of getting a bigger one. Thanks.

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