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Hi all, why are players not paired with other players with the same level of hq? It would be much more fair, would not it? As a player may very well have a hq 24 for about 15,000-17,000 medals. It's not fair to be compared to such strong players ... In my case I'm hq 19 and I come across this kind of opponent even though I had to lower my number of medals.

I would like to spend hq 20 (I have not made deposits ..) to have a chance but I do not have the necessary resources and my alliance will not help me because I only entered very recently, the same for My list of friends..I am condemned to always be in difficulty ?

Thx all. id : Nikolai_93



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    Had this topic here like 100 times ...

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    It's still relevant. I am a level 38, just upgraded HQ to 12. Before the upgrade matchups were all roughly similar in level and HQ- almost to a fault (every matchup was almost exactly the same). Since the matchup I have only been paired with much more advanced opponents. this is a list of my suggested opponents (in order); it took me 14 tries to get someone of my own hq level.


    I don't have a problem attacking higher bases- in fact, the loot is much better, and you do get that occasional gold mine of a high hq with poor defenses. BUT: I'm at a severe disadvantage in league play and in events that depend on medals (like the daily medal target and operation battlefront going on now), and it takes a ridiculous amount of oil to find a suitable matchup.

    The Colossus (which I hated at first but now really like) compounds this problem, because many of these opponents have Colossus with 50% more to even twice as many hit points as my own; one Colossus can like that can destroy an entire attack.

    EDIT: ok, so while relevant, they're not going to do anything about it. matchups are apparently based on medal count alone, so if we don't like it, drop medals.

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