Claymore Mines

getsomegetsome Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 25 Delightful Duckling D

Heres a sugestión for you to mull over, Change the land mines to Claymore mines that spring up and only target the Omega !
The higher the Claymore the more damage and the higher the Omega the more damage also.
The most damge to any of the Omegas is the falcon as it is airborn so the mine is most dangerous against air .
This will bring Spice to the game because the Omega is the backbone of attacks .
You could also make them non Destrutive from Air attacks inlding Nukes,ButLasers if located can Neutralise them if they can be located and to make them even more deadly you can only find them when Zoom is real close as they are planted so only the top veiw can be seen that will make them more deadly than ever. You want spice adopt this.

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