Improvements to Players winnings

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Hi i have two suggestions for you to mull over as a player i can see the Benefits of these being adopted to help players get a lottle more out of the game,!
"1" In Manticore Chapter 4 as it is the hardest one to do with a possibility of excessive dame to troops and Omega Each Chest you get for completing each one the chest are loaded with Tech only .
"2" As we get to a higher level we gather many Items in the store we can't use as we heep getting more each Event and league. So why can we have a precess to exchange these or even selling them to our clans or anybody , you decide , 1 small example Gunships , We accumilate many of these and it would be helpful if we can exchange them for Tech of our choosing , This brings more involment to the game for player of all levels , Tell me what you think ?????

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