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As Facebook Gameroom is retiring on June 30, Empires & Allies will continue to be available on Facebook using “Facebook web hosting” so that you can play your favorite game on your computer.

What is Facebook web hosting?
Games on Facebook offers a way to host games inside Facebook which can be accessed from a particular link. In the case of Empires & Allies, it's the play button on the Empires & Allies Facebook page. Alternatively, you can use this link and go to the page directly and connect to your Facebook account.

What does that mean to your existing account?
Introducing Empires & Allies to Facebook Web Hosting would not change anything with your existing account. You can play the game on Facebook just by visiting this link and connecting to your Facebook account. You would get a new platform to play if you wish so.

Introducing Empires and Allies to Facebook Web Hosting would not change anything with your existing account. You can play the game on Facebook just by visiting this link and connecting to your Facebook account.

Can I use the same account in iOS/Android and Facebook Game Hosting?
Yes, you can play in iOS/Android and also in Facebook Game Hosting simultaneously with the same account while keeping your progress, provided you have connected to the same Facebook id.

How can I login to Empires and Allies on Facebook?
Follow these steps to login from the Facebook

You can play Empires and Allies using the following methods:
From Facebook Games link
From Facebook Page
From Facebook Games
From Gameroom

A. From Facebook Game Link

Click on the following link and bookmark it:

B. From the Facebook Page:

  1. Visit the Facebook page.
    Link here: https://www.facebook.com/Empires&Allies/

  2. Click on the “Play Game Button”.

C. From Facebook Games

  1. Login to your Facebook Account

  2. Navigate to Play Games on the left
    Once you are logged in to the game, check the left pane for Play Games and then click on Web Games

  3. Search for Empires and Allies from Search Bar

    Once you’ve found the game from the search results, click on the “Play Now” button to play.

D. From Gameroom

  1. Open Gameroom & Click on Empires and Allies

  2. Click on “Go to Facebook Gaming”

Connecting Facebook account to transfer progress

If you are new to Empires and Allies, you would be surfaced with a pop-up asking you to connect the game with your Facebook account. Click on ‘continue’ to proceed.

You can also connect your Facebook account from the settings menu. Follow these steps after launching the game:

a. Wait for the game to load
For the first time, the game might take a moment as it requires downloading the required assets to your computer, please wait patiently while you are at it.

b. Starting the Game!
Once the game loads successfully, you will be greeted with a welcome screen. Click on Accept and complete the first battle.

c. Complete the training
You will be required to complete the compulsory training module lasting about 2 mins during the first-time launch of the game.

d. Connect with Facebook
Tap on game settings

Click on the Facebook Connect button from the settings menu

Once you’ve clicked on the Facebook Connect button you will be surfaced with the pop-up below, click on the “Continue” button to login with your Facebook account.

You will be granted 50 gold once the connection is successful.

Once you are connected to Facebook, a list of all the accounts connected to that Facebook ID will pop up, and from that list, you can switch to any account of your choosing.

Can I remove the Facebook id from the game once connected?
As of now, you cant remove the Facebook account from the game, once connected.

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