Pay to win and the ticking timebomb

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I know some of these subjects have been covered before and I read the lack of any response from Zynga as meaning they are perfectly well aware of them. They are leading to the demise of the game which is probably part of their overall plan as its life cycle comes to an end.

1) Not enough red uplinks on killswitch means less ion cannons or hack defences
2) All events now are geared towards you buying gold, especially the new league system where it is almost impossible to finish in the top 2 without spending out more than you may receive.
3) If you are reasonably active you will find yourself in warmonger 2 league but little chance of ever escaping, either up or down, unless, of course you spend gold.
4) Replacement troops are taking longer....oh you can spend gold to get them quicker

Just a few comments with a similar theme

I realise that zynga is not a charity but those who have loyally supported the game (and yes bought gold sometimes) over the years feel let down.

When the red uplinks run out, so will I and many others.

Anybody suggest a better game?


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