how do you target and defeat an omega?

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I've just managed to struggle my way to level 12. I've parked the whole thing twice due to massive game imbalance and ridiculous oil upgrade requirements.
Right now I'm giving it another possibly final chance. I can sort of tolerate some of the above. What I can't deal with are omegas.
Leaving aside the fact that they fundamentally ruin the game - which is a nagging underlying issue - my approach so far has been to avoid them as much as possible. Which means my attack options involve looking for decent enough loot while avoiding maps with stealth and maps with omegas in defence.
It's becoming obvious that it won't be too long before all bases have both at which point its game over.
There is fundamentally not enough attack firepower to take out an equivalent level omega while also fending off enemy troops and defence structures. So the next option will be attacking only bases where the omega is visible and not in the middle.
All a very convoluted and pointless distraction from what was a good game at lower levels.
But I digress :
1) how do you beat an omega without getting flogged by multiple troops, defences and the omega itself
2) how do you target a flying omega? there seems to be no way to plant a flare on it !



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    1. Each omega is different. It is difficult to beat one without one.
    2. You can’t target flying Omega. You can only target objects on the ground.

    The oil problem goes away when you get a little bigger. When you get a lot bigger you’ll have more than you can use. The more mature players in your alliance should be flowing oil your way, trust me they have more than they can use. If your alliance is not hooking you up, and you are requesting, you should leave. If you are not requesting, try that first. If you need a better alliance you are welcome in mine Everyday Warriors. Search it up Perk level 12, 28 members. More than happy to help with your issues.

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