Hammerfall, Ravagers & low level HQs

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This has happened a few times and it gets annoying to have squad wiped out including my Omega unit in seconds on the very first stage of Hammerfall.

I understand a challenge is needed but it's frustrating when attacking a level 8 hq to have Ravagers dropping in and tearing me to shreds in seconds in the very first level. No chance for building resources, the opposite in fact. I've been playing a few weeks and currently have a level 11 HQ but I don't think I'll be playing anymore at this stage.


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    It happened to me for two hammerfall in a row, you cannot also change opponent because is a forced path

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    You need to be in an alliance that can reinforce you with high level troops which is what they have. Otherwise best way to fight the ravagers is to use emp and direct all your troops against them while they are stunned. Never try to fight them from long range as they will pick you off

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    Thanks for your helpful advice Regie. I'll bear it in mind the next time I encounter them.

    However, I feel that being a member of a strong alliance shouldn't be a prerequisite for completing the very first stage of an event that aims to gradually become harder the further you progress. It's the overwhelming firepower that's the problem. The ones I've encountered are barely scratched from multiple A10 strikes, orbital strikes, hellfire and then my whole squad are wiped out in less than 10 seconds. While I may not be a master tactician or strategist, I feel I am fairly comfortable with game mechanics are this stage.

    The concept of reinforcing a level 8 HQ base with this level of weaponry negates the point of having levels. Membership of a strong alliance should provide a considerable advantage but shouldn't render the whole game pointless without membership of one

    It shouldn't be too hard to insert a few lines of code to prevent such a chasm between the strength of forces.
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