The game is currently unplayable for many people ZYNGA please fix!

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Since the recent update which added 2 new HQ levels the game is freezing, lagging, and not registering input for command points while attacking on mobile phone (android 7.1) I can browse my different accounts and respond to alliance requests fine but when i go to attack after dropping my troops the game becomes laggy,unresponsive, and unplayable. I have gone through all troubleshooting steps, updated, and uninstalled/re-installed the game several times to no avail and this is not an Isolated incident that only affects me as it is affecting other players in my alliance, global chat, and in this forum as well. In its current state this game is unplayable for many people myself included on mobile.

PROBLEM 2: and PROBLEM 3 (combo issue)

Arena of champions is bugged whenever the arena event starts after the 2 day count down..when you begin to attack other bases the game starts throwing error codes 17 and begins a constant cycle of crashing reloading and throwing the error code 17 again. Ive seen the posts in this forum about this issue and have seen where zynga issued a fix..however this issue still exists and is not fixed. Ive mostly noticed this issue while playing on facebook gameroom and havent tested it yet on mobile because im unable to attack other bases on mobile because of PROBLEM 1 :(

there is also a problem in which after the arena event ends when you click on msgs to claim the prizes for the event the game suddenly crashes. After rebooting the game you can then go into mail and get your prize. This type of incident isnt only applicable to arena of champions it also happens after alliance missions at times.

So just to recap..

Many people cannot play this game on mobile because of the lag during attacks, so they go to gameroom to play on PC but quickly find they cannot play the game there becuase of error code 17 and the game crashing which makes this game completely unplayable for many.

please fix this



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